Imagine that for 365 days of the year we can drop mama guilt and step into being the fabulous mother, wife and human that we are – and deserve to be.

I went to an EFT workshop with a friend the other week, and literally within minutes myself and about 8 other women were sobbing about how guilty we feel because we aren’t the mother that we think we should be.

How often do you feel guilty for not being with your kids enough? Or guilty because you’re not breastfeeding? Or guilty because they don’t like maths? Or guilty because we send them to nursery. We feel guilty because we work… We feel guilty because we’re a stay at home mum… We feel guilty because they’re not walking, talking, eating, studying or sleeping the right way…

As mothers we put so much pressure on ourselves to produce these super human children that develop in the right way… From the moment they are born we fret about breastfeeding vs bottle, and then we move on to eating solids, and then on to walking, and then talking, and nursery development… and then choosing school, and college, and then  career. The list goes on…


When do you get to say, I AM ENOUGH.

You – yes, YOU are a brilliant mother. You are a brilliant woman. You are a brilliant partner. You’re a brilliant boss. And you flipping ROCK your world!


Close your eyes just for a minute.

Breathe deeply, and imagine you are in your favourite place in the world (by the beach, climbing in the Himalayas, in your childhood back garden).

Transport yourself to that safe, magical and warm place. Soak up the smells, feel the sun’s rays, and just be.

Breathe deeply and relax.

You are perfect, just as you are.

365 Days of Happy Mama xxx

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