You are more powerful than you realise, more infinite that you perceive, more loving than you imagine, and more complex than you comprehend. Are you hiding your light in fear of what ifs, and what might happen? Are you hiding behind layers of shame and years of not being good enough?

When you were born, you came into this world wailing and gasping for air, and you learned to breathe. You kicked your little legs, and in time you learned to walk holding your mama’s hand. You learned to jump, and you leapt and bounced with joy.

You were a perfect soul and you shone your light everyday in your smiles, your giggles and your cuddles. As you grew older, playground bullies, and office politics and broken promises formed layers of mistrust around your soul, and you learned to become a little more guarded, and a little more fearful.

You hid your light, and you were afraid to tell the world how magnificent you really are. You masked your enthusiasm, and excitement and lust for life. You disguised your love behind years of dodgy dates, and false promises. You muted your passions behind attempts to fit in with the cool crowd. You shielded your soul, and disconnected from your true essence – the person you were born to be.

Miracle child, you survived and thrived despite the odds stacked against you. You were longed for and yearned for, even when your mama thought there was no hope of ever having such a beautiful baby. You were born to change lives and to spread love where there was a cynicism for living.

When you are hiding your light, you’re simply repeating the stories that you’ve heard, stories that that you’re not good enough, or thin enough, or tall enough, or clever enough. But actually you are enough. You are perfect.

You think you cannot possibly switch on your brilliance because of the tales you’ve been told, and the things you’ve told yourself, but actually it takes a tiny turn of the dial to rewire your thinking and reveal your true self.

You were meant to impact the world in the most extraordinary of ways. Darling one, it’s time to be the wonder that you knew as a baby you were meant to be. It’s time to follow your true path, and reveal to the world your love, your joy and your passion for life. 

You were destined for greatness, now it’s time to step up and shine your light. Your soul is destined to burn brightly.

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