Sometimes we’re so busy with the juggle of daily life that we forget about our own wishes and dreams. Our priorities get pushed down the pecking order in favour of children’s parties and playtime in the park. And I’m not saying those things aren’t important, it’s just for once, it would be lovely to get a little time for you too. 

Is there a way for you to get some space in your week to give yourself the gift of time. Give yourself the opportunity to think and work out what you want. When I was first a mummy, I was so busy doing baby groups and rhythm time, that I didn’t focus on me, and my needs. It was only when both little one and I got Hand, Foot and Mouth that we were literally quarantined for a month that I was forced to STOP and listen to my own needs. 

Giving myself some space enabled me to work out what I wanted to do… and it didn’t involve going back to work. It didn’t involve doing the 9-5 with the commute, the hours and the travel. I then had to work out what I DID WANT TO DO… 

So I hired a high-level coach, and she helped me to get clear on my goals, and start taking action. I wouldn’t be here today talking to you if I didn’t get the confidence and the clarity to start my business. 

I know since then, since I started my coaching business, so many women have said they felt the same.

For me, I’m all about making a difference from my laptop, and my dream is to show you how you can too.

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