How often do we think we’ll wait because we don’t feel ready. Ready to build a business, change careers, have a baby, get married… the list goes on.

When I started my business while on maternity leave, I definitely didn’t feel ready. In fact, I had so many panics about what I was doing, and if I should stay in my corporate career.  

Gradually my mama and baby friends started going back to work, and I knew that the hours and the travel didn’t work for me anymore, and weren’t feasible with family life, and after having a baby, my confidence just evaporated.

Even though I had two masters degrees, and numerous qualifications, I thought I was unqualified for anything, and I couldn’t do anything. It was only when I hired a success coach that I started unpicking my beliefs about mySELF and my confidence, and flipping the switch.

[emaillocker]I have clients that come to me in the same position. One had a PhD from Oxford, and thought that she would just earn a little extra money picking up children after school. And of course that role is soooo important in all working mamas lives, but sometimes we are all failing to recognise our own innate talents and abilities.

Sometimes we someone to give us a very gentle (or big fat) nudge in the right direction.

Do you feel stuck and desperately want to do something else, but aren’t sure where to start, or daren’t even admit what you want to do? Imagine being able to do something that fits flexibly around your family, and your life?

Building a business takes commitment and persistence, but you know what? It’s YOURS – and you can choose your hours, when you take holidays, and when you take sick days. Imagine having extra money for holidays, and never having to ask your boss to go on holiday again? Imagine skipping the commute, the office politics and all those dull meetings you used to hate? It’s just wonderful! I can’t recommend it enough!

The truth is that we never feel ready. I have clients that come to me and say that they want to do something, but they’re waiting until little one goes to school, or to big school. But you know what, it’s NEVER THE RIGHT TIME!

I just know that the sooner you start doing what you love, the happier and more content you’ll be! Imagine flipping that switch on the stories you tell yourself, and doing something that you LOVE! Today, I want to tell you about my 4 month coaching program where I’m going to support you in…

  • Getting the confidence to build a business you love
  • Flipping your money mindset so you’re in flow
  • Feeling in control of your time in your life and business
  • Creating the flexibility to fit your work around your life
  • Earning more than you ever dreamed possible!!!

The truth is, it’s possible for you to get the time and the space you need, but it requires you to just move past the person standing in your way…. which just happens to be YOU!!!!

This is your chance. And there never be a better time to move forward with you dreams. 

If you want to change your world, then what are you waiting for?! Let’s talk! I can’t wait to hear from you! 


Much love, 

Lucy xxx

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