Presenting and putting ourselves out there on camera can make even the most confident extrovert a little fearful. So how can you stand out, even when you’re petrified of talking on camera? 

You know you “should” be talking on video, but somehow you keep putting it off… 

I’ve put together some tips to help you create a polished performance – even if your knees are knocking – so you can present your brand, and your company in your best light.  

I worked in TV news for over 20 years, so I picked up a few tips along the way from make-up artists, cameramen and in my job working as a TV reporter and producer. This knowledge and skills has helped me to hone my message in Facebook lives, which equals more clients – and I can help you attract more clients too. 


Understanding your ideal client and your market is crucial to create the right impression. If you want to target millennials, then do what a 20-something would do. Hang out in Starbucks and do a Facebook live. If you’re a baking blogger, then start by showing off your cakes (note: your cake’s the star, unless you want to be the next Nigella).

For me, I target 30 and 40-something women who are looking for more purpose and passion in their life. They respond to someone who’s polished, and on brand. First impressions do count, so start off representing your brand values, even if you soon revert to your usual yoga pants uniform once they know you a little more.

When you are targeting people you’ve never met with advertising, or talking to people on Facebook live you don’t really know, then you want to create an impression that stands out and commands respect. You want to appear professional, and engaging.


I find it easier to write a blog post, and then do a Facebook live on the back of it. Then I’ve written something down, and I’ve done some research, and I’m talking about something that I have some knowledge and experience of… otherwise I just bumble and talk about NOTHING! 

There is nothing worse than filling dead space when you don’t know what you’re talking about. You will quickly feel like a failure, and swear to never repeat the Facebook live experience again.

SWOT up on what you’re going to say. Take notes, make bullet points, plan and prepare. If you’re going to talk about what’s on the menu in the café, then have some food prepared near by to show people. If you’re going to talk about your baby clothing business, then show us your latest design. If you’re going to talk about your singing group, then let us see you strutting your stuff – even if it’s on mute! People respond more favorably to someone that looks confident… more on that later!

Remember the old adage that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it… Only 7 percent of communication is about the words you say, and the other 93 percent is all about your body language, and your tone of voice. And on Facebook this is amplified because most people are watching on mute – very few people actually listen to what you say – they just using their non-verbal body language to assess your confidence levels, and look at how you look….(my post on body language might help you with this). 


When a cameraman or woman sets up an interview for a “talking head” as it’s known in the trade, they look for an interesting spot to position the subject, and target the backdrop.

Be just off centre in the frame, and try the more professional way of shooting with your iPhone horizontal rather than vertical.


When you’re doing your facebook lives, choose something that represents you and your business… if you’re teaching people to knit, then be surrounded by balls of wool. If you’re talking about your restaurant, then be in the kitchen with the buzz, and then move to a quieter corner. 

If you’re a service-based business, then you can frame yourself at your desk. But don’t just choose a wall of white wardrobes, film yourself with an interesting background – a bookshelf, flowers in a vase or a picture. Look clean, clutter-free and on-brand.


I write as an exhausted, often sleep-deprived 41-year-old mother. When I was twenty-something, I fretted because I was too fat, and now I’m conscious of the shopping trolleys under my eyes, and my bad skin, and frizzy hair… the list could go on! I choose to focus on my best qualities! There are always things that stop you putting ourselves out there, and selling yourself, and promoting your best-self. Sometimes you just have to do it! But that doesn’t mean you can’t get some help along the way!

Wear make-up for doing a Facebook live. The camera changes and distorts the way you look, so bring out your best self, and put on some lipstick, and a little blusher… and when you do decide to go make-up free, then it’s more impactful.

I use a professional selfie-ring light (I bought one from Amazon for about £100). The lighting flatters, and therefore I feel more confident on camera.

Also buy a tripod for iPhones (mine cost about £8 on Amazon), and again you can look more professional, and polished for your facebook lives.



  • Who are you talking to?
  • What’s your message?
  • Framing – frame yourself professionally
  • Flowers – choose a colourful background
  • Face-on – Put your face and light on


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