How the days fly!!…. And that’s why EVERYDAY counts. Today may be a holiday wherever you are in the world, but whether you have a little more time for your family, or you’re in the usual routine. How are you going to make today count? 

How are you going to make everyday count? 

Are you going to wait until you’re 90 and then think…. Hmmm, I wish I’d travelled more. I wish I’d spent more time with my kids when they were young. I wish I’d quit work and done my own thing. I wish I’d been more fufiled, and didn’t just settle for that boring job….

Get rid of the wishes, and the regrets and make today magic!

How are you going to enjoy your life more? See your family more? Have more time to do the things you love more? Travel more? Find work that fulfils and rewards you? 

Doing what you really want to do takes courage, and bold action. 

When I started out in business, I bumbled and I needed the confidence in mySELF and my business. I hired a high-level coach, and she helped me to overcome my fears and to be honest, the only person standing in my way was me…. Within months I doubled my income, and I was earning as much as I did as a TV reporter. 

It’s not all perfect, and it’s definitely a work in progress, but it is waaaaaaaaaay better than dealing with the constant juggle, and feeling like you’re just surviving… And of course waving goodbye to the office politics and the commute makes life so much better!

Now I feel I do something with my life, and I make a difference in the world. And I have the control over my time and my work, and flexibility for my family that I craved.

I know since then, since I started my coaching business, so many women have said they felt the same.

Coaching can help you to sort through your stuff, and put you, and your dreams firmly back on the priority list. Coaching gives you the confidence and the self-belief to create a business that works for you and your life. 

For me, I’m all about making a difference from my laptop, and my dream is to show you how you can too.

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