It’s so easy to race through the week and have a checklist of stuff that we need to do, and sort, and suddenly we realise that we haven’t spent any time on ourselves. 

This weekend, give yourself the luxury of time… time to have a bath… time to read that magazine, or that book, and time to just journal and write about whatever trips off the pen in a mental and emotional splurge.

Meditation is so important for this too… it doesn’t mean that you have to be the Dalai Lama and spend hours meditating, it’s about giving yourself the space to switch off. And when you switch back on, you’ll be more effective.

I remember going to this beautiful spa in Thailand, and they were DRILLING right next door… so in the middle of a yoga class, you would hear brrrrrrrr. Now, my son would think this digger was the best thing ever, but to us yogis it was a tad frustrating!! But our yoga teacher taught us to listen to the noise and then let it go, and tune out of the things that didn’t work for us, and tune into other sounds, other spaces that did work for us. I’m not saying that you have to go and sit by a building site to relax, but what I am saying is that you can still meditate when you’re in the car, or on public transport. It’s about going within, and tuning into what’s important to you, and your soul.

If you can carve out little pockets of time in your day – even when you think you don’t have time… you’ll feel so much better, and so much more effective… and ultimately you’ll be calmer, and happier!! So download that audio book… carry that pocket journal for writing down your dreams, and have that guided meditation on your phone because you never know when someone is running 10 minutes late for an appointment with you, or you get stuck in traffic, or the train is late…. And instead of feeling frustrated, you can feel energised and alive.

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