So I’m on holiday, and I’m pottering about in the pool with my little one and this bee comes diving into the water. He’s bobbing about and stuck. I scoop him and a big swish of water onto the side of the pool, and he’s flailing around to try and recover. After drying out, his wings are out of whack, and he’s definitely feeling a little waterlogged. “Beeeee, buzzzzz” says my son excitedly. 

I know that the bee is on his last legs, and probably won’t last the day. This poor little flapping bee was doing his thing, working hard and trying to make honey, and suddenly the nose-dive sent everything off-course. His sweet purpose was no more.

As I’m swimming, I can’t stop thinking about the bee. What if I don’t fulfill my purpose, the thing that I’m here to do? I don’t want to die without doing what I love.

[emaillocker]We all have a purpose, a mission, a thing we feel compelled to do. Sometimes we’re taken off course by being in a job that doesn’t fulfill us, or work that pays the bills that doesn’t reward us. Are there ways to free up your time to concentrate on the work you love?

For me, I realised that I’ve been spending too much time juggling four businesses, and not enough time on the thing that lights me up and fulfills me.

For me that’s coaching women to help them impact the world.

And while I love my property and Airbnb businesses, and I’m so grateful for the flexibility it afforded me while I was on maternity leave, it’s something that I sort of fell into and it’s not something that I’m passionate about. So I realized from swimming with the bee that I’m better served to hire someone to help me to manage the all the correspondence (we’re hiring if you’re looking ūüėČ

What can you STOP DOING to start doing what you love?

What can you do to free yourself from the things that no longer serve you?

What you can do to free up your schedule, and do what you love instead?

If you didn’t have to do the things that you don’t enjoy doing, what would you do?

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