This time last year, I was on maternity leave and fretting about what to do. I told my boss that I wasn’t going back to work. I knew that working 9-5 no longer worked for me, and I knew that I was meant for something more, but I had to figure it out. Like many of the clients I now work with, I was seeking clarity and confidence.

I knew I was passionate about coaching people, and had been coaching for the past 5 years, I had a coaching masters but it hadn’t really gone to the next level. I plucked up the courage, and hired a high-level success to kick-start my business, and take me to another level.

I was petrified about spending $10,000 dollars on the coach, and I wasn’t sure it was going to work. I had all these stories about how it wasn’t the right time, and it was too much money, and what if it failed. My husband definitely raised an eyebrow when I put it on my credit card, but went with me on it…

Somewhere deep inside me there was this voice telling me to go for it. I had inkling that I was doing the right thing, and I said, “SCREW IT, I’M GONNA DO IT.”

Hiring a coach enables you to get that clarity about your goals and ambitions. When you’re clear with what you want, you can get to the core of the issues that are holding you back, and flip the switch on the stories you tell yourself. And when you’re rock solid in your confidence, you can quickly scale your income, and get the results you’ve been seeking.

You get to learn from someone who’s been there and done it and made mistakes in setting up a business, and you’ll learn how to fail (and pick yourself up) FAST. You’ll learn strategies to manage your time more effectively (whatever your situation), and have someone accountable to keep you on track. You’ll become a pro quickly… whether it’s marketing yourself with social media campaigns, or speaking on camera for Facebook lives.

Just a year ago, I was desperate for that confidence in my self and my business to go to the next level. I followed my intuition and heart, and I’m so glad that I got to realise my dreams. I didn’t feel ready, and I wasn’t ready… but we’re never “ready”, we just have to GO FOR IT!

If you long to do something different… then what’s stopping you? Very often the only person holding you back is you.

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