I’m sitting waiting for Tony Robbins to speak… I’ve got butterflies in my tummy and I’m nervous and excited. Going to see him live is such a monumental overload to the senses and a transformational experience. 

I remember back to my first encounter with Tony Robbins three years ago. Back then, I had worked the late shift and didn’t get home until 1am, and then I was up early for Tony Robbins. I was completely broke and although my life looked successful on the outside, everything had come crashing down within the space of a few weeks. I was living in a friend’s spare room, I was single and 38 and I was told that if I didn’t have kids within the next year then I wouldn’t be able to have them… I was stuck in a basement studio in London doing the late shift…. how did I end up in such a mess? 

I had always been dubious of Tony Robbins and his big, brash motivational speaking style who made Oprah walk on fire. I bought his books and I didn’t read them and he didn’t resonate with me… 

Tony Robbins was coming to London, and I couldn’t really afford to go – and I almost didn’t go, but I knew that I had to do something to get me out of my black hole. I knew that I needed something bold and loud and transformational to help me do a 180 on my life. I scrimped and saved to go, and I made it happen. 

Tony Robbins is the rockstar coach who has you dancing, and chanting and fire walking… it’s an unimaginable physiological, mental and heartfelt shift, and I changed as a person, and he helped me to transform my life. He enabled me to shed some of my hang-ups and leap forward. If I could walk on fire I could do anything…

I wrote down my goals and I visualised them. I wrote down: meet a man, buy a house, have a baby, be a coach. Within six weeks I met my husband, I fell pregnant within 3 months and we bought a house about a year after we met…. two weeks later our beautiful baby boy was born.

Fast forward 3 years and my life is so different. Those dreams came true. 

My next chapter of life is brimming with possibilities, and Tony Robbins is helping me to break down some of that emotional baggage that we carry with us from childhood, that stops us doing what we really, truly want to do.

If you feel that your life is going nowhere, then take action. Are you sitting in a box house, sleeping in a box bed, and sitting in a box to take you to work, to sit in a box office, and eating box food?

Do something different. Watch positive videos on YouTube and skip the usual diet of thrillers, and reality TV. Read books by Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay – get them from the library if money is a worry… do what you need to do to make your dreams come true. Start visualising your new life. Start believing it’s going to happen… change your physiology- stand tall, breathe deeply and view the world with confidence.

When you want to change your life, find someone to model your life on. Find someone that is where you want to be, and learn from them. Ask them what steps they took, what decisions they made, and learn from them.

When you can afford to pay for personal development events, go to them. Spending 3-4 days just focused on you and your dreams can be incredibly transformational. When you’re at the event, prepare to suspend disbelief. You’ve just paid $1000s to be there, so if you embrace the experience you’ll find it so much more enlightening and productive. Dance with it, move with it, and write down your dreams.

As soon as you can afford to pay for a coach, go for it. Hiring someone to support me in the business, gave me encouragement when I needed it, and it helped me have the confidence to promote myself when I felt awkward and shy. She was my bullsh*t detector when I was hiding behind a story that no longer served me, and she helped me to grow my business so I earn much more than when I was a TV reporter, and I have freedom and flexibility to work around my son.

You can change your world today. Take action and make that leap to the success that you dream of. Your ambitions don’t need to sit on a piece of paper that comes out every January 1. Start today and take the first step to making the impact on the world that you’ve always dreamed of.

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