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Some sample Facebook lives for Psychologies Magazine

Are you standing on the sidelines? – with Lucy Griffiths

So often our fears, and our beliefs about how we'll perform or behave stop us from doing the stuff we want to do in work and play. Hi, I'm Lucy Griffiths, and I'm going to be sharing techniques that can help us to feel more empowered, and take us from WALLFLOWER to SUNFLOWER. For more insightful coaching and inspiration, join our Life Leap club. Access is FREE when you subscribe. Details here:

Posted by Psychologies Magazine on Monday, July 9, 2018
Do you find being centre of attention stressful? Lucy Griffiths shares some tips

As an introvert, I avoid birthday parties, and hate networking... but I've found some ways to help you appear confident when networking, or doing the thing that scares you!

Posted by Psychologies Magazine on Monday, September 17, 2018
Are you being authentically you?

5 STEPS TO STOP HIDING AND BE YOU!We assume labels from a very young age we're the "good girl" or the "rebel." And in later life, we take on roles in our careers as a "doctor" or "journalist" or as a parent. But this isn't truly YOU. It's an identity that is convenient to describe ourselves as, and sometimes these labels are holding us back. Lucy Griffiths shows you 5 ways to step out from behind your mask and be truly YOU from LucyGriffiths.comAnd for more live coaching, inspiration and support, join our Life Leap club:

Posted by Psychologies Magazine on Friday, September 14, 2018

Some of the podcasts I’ve been interviewed on.

Here’s some sample magazine articles I’ve been featured in…