Two Hour Intensive

Video Strategies 

Two Hour Video Strategies Session | $500

You’re doing live video (or know that you SHOULD BE) but you want to gentle nudge in the right direction to help you.

This two-hour strategy session is designed to help you streamline your livestreaming processes, overcome the blocks that are holding you back without a significant time or financial investment.

In our two-hour session, we’ll tackle your biggest issues with video, and you’ll learn strategies to help you thrive when you go live.

My clients learn how to overcome their confidence wobbles, and embrace video technology and learn how to look more professional when you go live!

Increase your results, reach and revenue – FAST!

Get more confidence on camera, and connect with your ideal client.

Look more professional on screen, and feel GOOD!

Know the techie stuff so you look like a pro when you go live!

Are you part of the 10%?

Only 10% of entrepreneurs are truly harnessing the power of video. 

The other 90% are behind left behind. 

If you’re not talking on camera, then who are your clients and potential clients watching? Your competitors?

Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook describes it as “a megatrend on the same order as mobile.”

If you want to be part of the 10%, then enroll in my two-hour intensive session and harness the power of video to increase your reach, results and revenue! Look more professional on camera, polish your Facebook Lives, get confidence on camera and learn how to use video to boost your business.