Three years ago I was broke, and broken hearted and single. My life had fallen apart in a spectacular style, and I was stuck. I had fallen out of love with work, and I wanted more to life, but didn’t know how to get there.

I went to a Tony Robbins event, and he helped me to get unstuck. One of the things that he gets you (and the 20-thousand others in the room) is to write down your goals. I wrote down: meet a man, have a baby, buy a house and be a coach…

20 days later I met my husband. I fell pregnant 3 months later (even though doctors had told me it was very unlikely I would ever be able to conceive).

We moved into our house 11 months after we met, and our beautiful little boy was born one year and one week after we met.

Anything is possible when you start believing and start writing down your dreams and ambitions.

Sporting legends defy beliefs on a regular occurrence. Muhammad Ali was often fighting in the ring against better, tougher and stronger opponents; he just believed that he could “float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee”.

In 1954 everyone still believed that it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. British medical student Roger Bannister proved them wrong. And when he busted through the myth, and the human mindset, other athletes soon followed in his tracks.

Start believing that you can create your dream life. Start manifesting your goals. Write them down on post it notes, and stick them all over the house. Set alarms and reminders on your phone to help you to remember to visualise your goals everyday.

You can seriously build a life and business you love. Just start believing it is possible.

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