Client Love

“Lucy is amazing at helping you to feel more confident in yourself, and your presence online and on video.

With her background as a TV reporter and her Masters in Coaching, she really understands how to connect an audience and she can teach you to love the camera… no matter how uncomfortable you feel!”

Emily Williams

Success coach, and Founder of "I Heart My Life"

Working with Lucy has helped me feel more confident around video and has helped me up-level my brand. I have come away with a new skill which I am testing and refining. 

In terms of impact, I have already got more video views than I have ever had before and have had 30 new signs ups to a Facebook group in less than 24 hours. My head is buzzing with ideas how I can use video more. Thank you Lucy!

I feel so much more confident, having reassurance and you teaching me was the best money I have spent in a long time on my brand.”

Ruth Kudzi

Business Coach

“Lucy was a dream to work with on my branding and messaging! She was able to put my vision into words whilst offering me really valuable feedback on ways I could reach my potential clients.

Having Lucy’s perspective has really helped me shift my copy and my message from good to incredible!!

If you aren’t always so great at putting thoughts into words, Lucy is your go-to-gal!”

Lucy Genin

Success Coach

“Lucy is an absolute superstar and was such a pleasure to work with. 

Writing + content is not my forte and my website content desperately needed some fine-tuning.  She really gave me so much clarity and confidence in how I need to put my brand out to the world and had some amazing tips and advice.  She gave me the ‘kick-up-the-butt’ that I so needed to uplevel my brand and really put myself out there. 

I highly recommend Lucy for anyone wanting to up-level their brand and get the motivation and clarity they need to do so.”

Gillian Kennedy

Health & Wellness Coach

“Lucy empowered me to tell my story, and really get confident in my voice and on video. I was one of those business owners who juggled everything and felt out of control in everything, and we streamlined my business.

Lucy helped me achieve the clarity in my messaging, and it made it so much easier to talk on camera and connect on social media with my clients, and that really helped me to grow and scale quickly!”


Recruitment Agent

“Working with Lucy is uplifting for the business and the spirit. She is understanding and supportive.

I met her at a very delicate time and she stood by me, encouraging me and pushing me to believe in myself. It was an incredible and enriching experience.

Every coach should have her ability to empathise and motivate.”

Vera Tucci

Handbag Designer

“I have had one-to-one sessions with Lucy and she is an amazing motivator.

She helped me to get rid of the doubts and fears in my head and GO for it. I also realised how important is to be flexible with work when you have kids and having your own business can give you that. She is brilliant coach for mums as she can relate to all our challenges and have solutions on how to combine it with business.

If you haven’t done it yet, don’t hesitate to book Lucy!”

Elina Sch

“While on maternity leave, as a new mother I battled with the anxieties of going back to a full-time job and making it work with my new life.

I was seriously lacking in self-confidence to go out there and build a business.

Lucy gave me the courage and guidance to follow my dreams and make my idea happen. Thank you, Lucy!”

Cordeila Toy

“Lucy Griffiths’ really helped me to take my online business to the next level.

We focused on my messaging and branding and took my business from being a passion project to something really successful.

I learned how to market my message, and achieved financial targets that I didn’t imagine possible…and I’ve definitely exceeded all of my expectations!”

Claire Jaggard

“In my very first session, Lucy helped me to get strategic about my goals, and really focus on how to attract my ideal client. We mapped out my business, and see how to create a proper business (rather than a hobby) for my online business.

Working with Lucy enabled me to expand thinking, and in turn, earn more and take on more clients, but work less!

She helped me see myself as a content creator for all kinds of platforms including online clients – and in the process, I’ve doubled my monthly income, which has definitely removed a weight from my shoulders!

She makes you believe that you can do it, even when you aren’t sure that you know what you’re doing. She’s understanding of anxieties, and incredibly warm, and open.”


Freelance TV Producer

“Lucy helps you to find the answers within yourself.

Her helpful discussions and exercises unlock the potential you hold within.

Within just a few sessions I was really clear about my client base, and how to successfully target them, and after 10 weeks of working with Lucy I plucked up the courage to leave the law behind! Fast forward 5 months and I now have a thriving business that would not have been possible without Lucy!”


Lawyer turned Landscape Gardener

“Lucy has transformed my thinking and energised me to achieve things with my business I didn’t think possible.

I really recommend going for it if you’re on the fence… She shines a light on a nugget of an idea that I might have and gives me the confidence to go for it. And occasionally will put a rocket up my backside when I need it!

Her warmth, intelligence and bright personality are truly inspiring and motivating. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.”

Sarah Dawson