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“Lucy taught me everything I need to know . . . marketing, content, sales! My Course Academy is just incredible! Take that jump and go for it!”
Ashley Polverelli

Fundraiser and Self Love Coach, Ashley Polverelli Coaching

“It’s genius level! It covers so much, it covers the different types of courses that you might consider. This level of detail is fantastic and this is not surface-level stuff.

This is really deep…really deep into the heart of what you really need to learn to get your course online. Oh my goodness. She knows her stuff. So, if you want to get an online course going and transform the way that you work and live. Don’t hesitate. It’s a fantastic course. Thank you, Lucy!”

Debra Thorpe

Life Coach, Debra Thorpe Coaching

“I have found the course absolutely amazing, full of valuable information and Lucy has shared a wealth of her knowledge. The group was also a huge source of support and such a lovely bunch. Here is wishing Lucy and the Course Academy all the very best for the future.”
Amanda Redford

Amanda Redford

“Best course I have taken in a very long time. I spent so much money in the past on courses that
did not pan out or that did not keep my interest enough to move forward even after all the money
spent. Some of them were top names too. Lucy by far surpassed all of them! I highly recommend
her for anyone wanting to move their business forward.”
Janet Sides

Totally U

“I was very impressed with the amount of individualized attention that I received in this group
program. The fact that you took the time to check in with each and every one of us during the coaching calls made the experience extremely personable and kept us accountable. Everyone in the group was at a different place in their course creation / business journey and you met each
and every one of us where we were at in that journey. I loved our coaching academy community!… I also found the video creation content to be valuable as well as learning how to repurpose content for
different platforms.” 

Jennifer Athanas

Health coach

“Great course! I subscribed to your Confidence on Camera course and loved it. With the exception of a couple of FB Lives last year, I haven’t done much video in awhile. But I love recording and being in front of an audience, so I’m eager to get right back into creating videos with a new focus on depression-relief for women.

Your workbook exercises encouraging me to dig deeper into my Why are just what I’ve been needing. Thank you! I’m so grateful to have found you.”

Andrea Amador

Body Image coach

“If you’re starting your business or want more visibility online there are probably many areas you are good with.  And a few things not so much and you know you need help!

You won’t find anyone who is more approachable, responsive and listens well as Lucy Griffiths!  Lucy helped me sort out the social media channels that were best for me for using video. And, she pointed me to the necessary tools and resourced to get started. 

It was such a relief to find Lucy.  Try her, you’ll love her!”

Dr Carol Erb

“Lucy’s course is amazing!  

Her step-by-step guidance helped me to overcome my fears, build confidence, gain clarity on my message, and select the right equipment.  

Lucy is an authentic and heartfelt professional, and her years of experience in television production/reporting really take this course to the next level.

You won’t regret your decision to take this course-it‘s a win-win!”

Sharon Kusterer

“Video is the communication tool of the 21st Century, whether that’s for work, clients or social media video cannot be ignored. Lucy Griffiths online video confidence course is a masterful introduction for anyone who needs to understand the how-to of getting video-ready to become and to become an effective communicator on camera.

Lucy walks you through everything you need to get started from equipment, editing tips and mindset techniques to become more confident on camera in minutes.  This practical, engaging and informative course is delivered in a lively and accessible way that will transform your relationship with the camera getting you fired-up to make quality videos of your own in a few simple steps. This is the best course I have come across in years. Highly recommended.”

Selina Yankson

Marketer and Career Coach, WorkWisdom

“I started this training and I’ve got to say it’s very good and detailed.

You really get me to think deeply about how I think others see me and how it doesn’t matter. Yet I’m starting to realize where those beliefs came from.

Thanks, Lucy”

Ni Fhearchair

“I cannot recommend Lucy enough, she is incredible, she’s so professional, she understands your brand, and understands what you think you want to do, and puts it into practice. She’s helped me with vlogs, with videos, with filming my events, and has really given me a lot of help behind the scenes. That’s really been invaluable to me because sometimes I have a crisis of confidence, and she’s right behind me cheering me on. I am so lucky to have Lucy in my life, and be working with her, and I cannot recommend her enough!” 

Angelique Panagos

Nutritionist, Author and Speaker, Angelique Panagos

Working with Lucy has helped me feel more confident around video and has helped me up-level my brand. I have come away with a new skill which I am testing and refining. 

In terms of impact, I have already got more video views than I have ever had before. My head is buzzing with ideas on how I can use video more. Thank you, Lucy!

I feel so much more confident, having the reassurance and you teaching me was the best money I have spent in a long time on my brand.”

Ruth Kudzi

Business Coach, Ruth Kudzi Coaching

“Lucy is amazing at helping you to feel more confident in yourself, and your presence online and on video.

With her background as a TV reporter and her Masters in Coaching, she really understands how to connect an audience and she can teach you to love the camera… no matter how uncomfortable you feel!”

Emily Williams

Success coach, and Founder , "I Heart My Life"

“Lucy, all your training worked, I’m feeling so much more comfortable on video! I know exactly where to look, I think I’ve got the lighting down. I think you would probably say that I could work on my backdrop a little bit, but all in all, not too bad for making videos. I just wanted to say a tremendous thank you Lucy. You are amazing. I learned so much from you. I am so grateful, and I can’t wait to work together again.”

Lisa Smith

Founder and Coach, The Peaceful Parent

“Working with Lucy is uplifting for the business and the spirit, and she helped me to tell my story, and have the confidence to talk on stage and do my TEDTalk!! She is understanding and supportive. I met her at a very delicate time and she stood by me, encouraging me and pushing me to believe in myself. It was an incredible and enriching experience. Every coach should have her ability to empathise and motivate.”

Vera Tucci

Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, TED Talk

From invisible to visible! Before working with Lucy, I had a real fear of putting myself out there on video even though I knew that video could change the way in which I make the impact I want to make. Working with Lucy has built my confidence hugely and when I finally did my first Facebook Live, I loved it and couldn’t wait to do the next one! We’ve developed a strategy around how to get more visibility for my brand through video and it’s working; I’ve recently been contracted for two brand IGTV/YouTube campaigns. Lucy’s bubbly personality and confidence on screen are infectious, and coupled with the amazing amount of ‘how to’ content available in her course, it’s easy to get yourself visible – quickly and with maximum effect – using all her tips and tricks. 

Emma Maslin

Director, The Money Whisperer

“I’ve just got to say it, if you haven’t taken Lucy up on her coaching sessions, DO IT!!!! Lucy spent 2 hours with me last Monday, helping me to sort out my PR. Today I spoke to a journalist who is so inspired by my story, she’s pitching a feature article on me to her editor as we speak! I never would have known how to find her, or pitch to her, if it wasn’t for Lucy. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!! Seriously, this is a game changer for me! Lucy, thank you for your great work!”  

Lisa Cybaniak Gustafsson

NLP Practitioner , Life Like You Mean it!

“Lucy is an absolute superstar and was such a pleasure to work with. 

Writing + content is not my forte and my website content desperately needed some fine-tuning.  She really gave me so much clarity and confidence in how I need to put my brand out to the world and had some amazing tips and advice.  She gave me the ‘kick-up-the-butt’ that I so needed to uplevel my brand and really put myself out there. 

I highly recommend Lucy for anyone wanting to up-level their brand and get the motivation and clarity they need to do so.”

Gillian Kennedy

Health & Wellness Coach, Wellness Gypsy

“Lucy was a dream to work with on my branding and messaging! She was able to put my vision into words whilst offering me really valuable feedback on ways I could reach my potential clients.

Having Lucy’s perspective has really helped me shift my copy and my message from good to incredible!!

If you aren’t always so great at putting thoughts into words, Lucy is your go-to-gal!” 

Lucy Lauren

Anxiety and Wellness Coach, Lucy Lauren

“Since joining the Online Entrepreneur Studio, my business has been enjoying all the attention. Only a month after I’ve been featured in three publications. I’ve never had PR training that’s been so real, Lucy you didn’t hold back with all the info on PR for our first module. So apart from that I’ve set up and started advertising for guests for my podcast. Thank you for inspiring me Lucy!!!”

Sally Wadhwa

Director, Tech Diva

“Lucy Griffiths’ really helped me to take my online business to the next level.

We focused on my messaging and branding and took my business from being a passion project to something really successful.

I learned how to market my message, and achieved financial targets that I didn’t imagine possible…and I’ve definitely exceeded all of my expectations!”

Claire Jaggard

“Just started the first lessons and this is VERY helpful and empowering.

I’m so glad I made the investment. Amazing value for such an affordable price point.

If this speaks to you but you are worried, go ahead and do it. It’s worth it.”

Heather Staas

“I recently purchased Lucy Griffith’s ‘Confidence on Camera’ course and I was really impressed with it. As the owner of a small tuition company, I have to produce marketing material on video to grow my business. I had made some videos in the past that I haven’t been too happy about.

Since taking Lucy’s course, I feel so much more confident in front of the camera. I even recently did my first Facebook Live, taking on board all the fabulous tips from the course!

Thank you so much, Lucy. I can highly recommend this course!”

Elaine Frances Lingard

“I have had one-to-one sessions with Lucy and she is an amazing motivator. She helped me to get rid of the doubts and fears in my head and GO for it and get more visible and share my story. I also realised how important is to be flexible with work when you have kids and having your own business can give you that. She is a brilliant coach and she can relate to all our challenges and have solutions on how to combine it with business. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t hesitate to book Lucy!”

Elina Sch

“I first ‘met’ Lucy through a random Facebook ad I saw of hers, offering a free webinar about being your own PR team. I was fully engrossed in the webinar and took Lucy up on her offer for a consultation, which was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

In one hour, Lucy helped me get clear on who I can approach, how to approach them, and how to frame my message. I immediately took on her advice and my business changed nearly instantly! In the past 8 months that have followed, I’ve guest blogged on countless sites including magazines and top sites such as Thrive Global and the Elephant Journal. I’ve also been on dozens of podcasts, be featured on websites, contributed to articles in the Sun, and been on BBC Radio three times between Kent and Oxford stations! I’m actually a regular on BBC Radio Kent now, appearing on their Sunday morning breakfast show every 6 weeks. Even more than that, I’ve developed and nurtured relationships with several journalists, broadcasters and podcaster hosts who are serious influencers in their field. This has helped me in the promotion of my book and services, which increases my credibility while giving me a platform to share my message.

I’ve continued to build my relationship with Lucy, joining her exclusive Facebook membership group, learning from her on a daily basis. In the past several months, I’ve learned to restructure my YouTube channel, got tips on the best equipment and apps to use for videos, how to get the most out of LinkedIn, and how to leverage Pinterest, just to name a few. Each has had a drastic effect on my following on these sites, as well as my engagement and sales.

Honestly, meeting Lucy was the single biggest game-changer for my business. Her professionalism and knowledge are insurmountable. I continue to learn from her, and the other experts in her Facebook group on a daily basis, and look forward to continuing this journey!”

Lisa Cybaniak Gustafsson

“Just Loved your course. You are so down to earth that you make it easy to understand and yes, I will be saying “I Love you” every morning.

Thank you also for the wonderful tips on social media …helps so much! See you soon! Cheers for now!”

Beatrice Clayton

“What an amazing course! You are a very beautiful person and very inspiring !!!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us….It’s going to be so helpful when I start creating my videos. Thanks a lot!”

Elena Young

“Thanks Lucy! This is just what I needed. I “am” too old, too fat, don’t speak English well enough… So, I have a lot to work with 🙂 This course is so inspiring and encouraging!!

I’m going to recommend this to my colleagues too.”

Teija Katri Mariitta Seppänen

“Thanks so much, Lucy for this great course!!

I went through it in 2 days because I enjoyed it so much and learned a lot -especially about myself!”

Cheryl Osler

“Wow… I learned so much here…  I loved the natural way you are and I will join your membership.

I am a Swedish women (older closing the 60) living in Spain and my goal is to bring Qigong there, how to use your energy and be mindful about our inner voice and to be able to be the best version of our self and feeling fabulous!!!”

Merete Frykholm

“I booked a call with Lucy and received practical advice straight away to go about building my business utilising live video and online presentations.  

I joined Lucy’s membership group to benefit from the regular weekly sessions and lesson modules. They are packed full of information that I can utilise easily. I was terrified of talking live on camera, and I’ve overcome that. Lucy is very approachable and great at helping to build camera confidence.  

I know I’m being the best I can be with Lucy’s training and guidance.”

Joanne Bath