Hi, I’m Lucy Griffiths.

If you want to become the “go-to” expert in your industry and amplify your story on social media, but somehow find the process gets a little overwhelming, I’m here to help you get the confidence and the know-how to make it happen!

Here on my Blog I share my experience and expertise to help you Va Va Voom your Visible and help women like you make an impact on the world.

How to Write a Press Release

IS YOUR STORY NEWSWORTHY? When you want to tell news organisations about your new product, new business or launch, think about the impact that your story will have on others. Try to be as impartial as possible, and have a straight think about your...

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Camera Shy? How to get confident and comfortable on camera

Shyness is something that I’ve struggled with for much of my life. I remember the bright cheeks as soon as someone looked at me, and the fear of being exposed, and saying something silly. As we age, we have to learn ways to manage our shyness, or introverted state,...

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How to be an expert

Becoming an expert requires knowledge and study. It also requires a magic ingredient... belief in yourself.  Lots of people who claim to be “experts” and don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. But the majority of us are often our own biggest...

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How to adapt your business to the new Facebook changes

Facebook is changing the way it works, and the impact on your business could be significant. A couple of questions for you... Have you noticed a drop-off in comments and likes on your business page? Are you noticing less people are seeing your post on your business...

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How to Create A BeLive Facebook Live

How to add some professional polish to your Facebook Lives There’s some really simple and easy tools to use to create more professional Facebook Lives easily.  I will talk you through in this blog post and video. This kind of technology helps you to be more organized...

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How to be confident in social situations

How to feel confident and overcome social anxiety! Tips to enjoy putting yourself out there in networking, public speaking and social situations Many of us go to a social situation or event, and feel small and insignificant. There are ways to feel more...

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How to network

How to Network and feel more Confident! Networking is intimidating, and it can make even the most confident woman running for the bathroom. I was at a networking event yesterday with about 20 other women. As an introvert, I’m NOT someone that enjoys networking, but I...

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Confidence on camera is more than skin deep

The success of video marketing shouldn’t come as a surprise – people have been watching television for decades Online video is the THE marketing tool of 2018, and accounts for almost three quarters of all online traffic. But many people are putting off doing video ads...

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How to handle intimidating situations

How to handle intimidating situations How do you appear confident and in control when in an intimidating situation, or the office bully gets to you? Bullying behaviour sadly doesn't stop when we leave school, so how can we learn to manage it? Setting firm boundaries...

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