I was friended by another coach the other day, and I was doing that thing we all do… I went to check her out…

She’s a new coach in the industry, and she was charging $10,000 for her services.

First thought: “Wow!… She must be good!”

And then I started doing some research, and I realised that she didn’t really have any proper qualifications, and she was just blagging it.

We’ve all had that bravado, “screw it, let’s do it!” attitude.

But I also have a Masters in Coaching, and 20-year’s experience in TV and journalism to back up what I do.



Facebook is saturated with coaching ads promising FIVE FIGURE MONTHS without really backing up what they promise.

How many times have you seen ads promising that you can work 3 days a week and still make 5 figures?

I know it’s possible to build a 7-figure business while on maternity leave, I’ve been there, and done it (with the knots in my shoulders to prove it) while on maternity leave.

BUT – and it’s a BIG BUT – it’s also work!

It’s HARD WORK and it takes grit, gumption and graft.

The coaching industry is full of people that decide coaching looks fun, and they stick up a few glamorous photos on Instagram, and before you know it they’re a coach.


If you’re looking to hire a coach, then hire one that has QUALIFICATIONS.

Hiring a coach has helped me to scale my business, but I have hired people that have proven results, and are less sales and spin, and more “reality”.

If I’m honest, I’ve paid for some excellent coaches and programs to help me grow my business.

And I’ve paid for some right stinkers….

I paid for a coaching program that crammed about 200 people in a room, and there wasn’t any options to ask questions, or really learn!

I’ve also hired some coaches that I wouldn’t recommend, and it’s about personal preference, so you need to shop around. 

Hire someone that can motivate you, inspire you, and also show you the way…

It’s so easy to be attracted to the latest technological solution or guru promising you 3 day working weeks, and 5 figure months without actually doing the research.



Would I trust this person with my business? 

Would I go to a therapist without qualifications? Well why go to a coach that doesn’t have proper qualifications? 

If you want to hire a coach, then hire someone that can genuinely help you. 

Get testimonials, and talk to the coach and check you like their vibe. 



  • Be strategic about who you want to work with.

  • Look at the stats, look at their engagement and responses on their Facebook groups.

  • Check out their qualifications – have they STUDIED coaching (a Masters or a PG Diploma means that they have knowledge and professionals have authenticated their work, and their skills). They don’t have to have a Masters in Coaching, but they do need to have studied and know what they’re talking about. This is YOUR business, or your brain they are dealing with. 

  • Book a discovery call – do you like their vibe, and do you want to work with them?

  • Set clear goals for what you want to achieve, and be accountable for them (your coach can’t do the work for you – YOU HAVE TO, but you want to know they are going to fully support you).