How to stop comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs online

How to stop comparing yourself to others online

As online entrepreneurs, it’s all to easy to be sidetracked by another seemingly successful person or brand. All too often, the likes on a post does not mean sales.

Do you find yourself comparing your business to everyone else’s? And wish you had as many followers, or likes or posts or profits as everyone else? In this post I’ll show you how to avoid comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs, and focus on YOUR business.


Comparison-itis is a deadly plague that affects every entrepreneur starting out, and it can be overwhelming, and if you get into a downward spiral of comparing yourself to everyone, it can really  throw you off your rhythm and end up with you not actually achieving ANYTHING! 

“Unfollow” your competitors on Facebook was probably one of the best bits of advice my coach, Emily Williams has given me. 

She said “stay in your lane” and don’t get caught up trying to be someone else.”

It took me a while to do it… and I’m so insanely glad I have!! 

Now I see it with my clients… they’re innocently time wasting on their Facebook feed, and then the green eyed monster comes lurking, and before they know there’s a downward spiral and they think they’re not good enough, and their business will never succeed in the way that they want it to, and suddenly they have talked themselves into a black hole and they now have lost all focus and momentum…SaveSave



  • Catch yourself before you get embroiled in the BS on Facebook. 
  • Unfollow your competitors 
  • You can “hide” friends from your timeline who aren’t helpful… all those people that are claiming to be mega successful while living a very different reality.
  • Remember that social media followers, likes, views and group sizes do NOT necessarily equal profit!
  • Turn off Facebook ads that also give you a case of the green-eyed monster. 

Be original! Have fresh ideas and inspiration and be regarded as a leader rather than a sheep. 

I’m so glad I followed my coach’s advice. It means that my ideas aren’t copycat ideas of someone else in the industry…

Invest wisely in people that know what they’re talking about, and then take their advice and input (if it feels right). 

Learn to know what works for YOU! 

Don’t follow the pack… do what works for you.