The success of video marketing shouldn’t come as a surprise – people have been watching television for decades

Online video is the THE marketing tool of 2018, and accounts for almost three quarters of all online traffic.

But many people are putting off doing video ads because of how they feel about how they look. They’re holding off doing Facebook lives until they’ve lost weight, or look better.

When you feel confident on the inside, you will feel more confident on the outside too. Being able to convey yourself with authenticity and beauty is about owning who you are, and feeling confident – regardless of your age or how you look. 


For many years I worked as a TV reporter travelling the world, and often my worries about my appearance stopped me from taking many amazing opportunities to put myself out there. 

I spent this morning filming Facebook video ads, and my Rosacea is particularly bad… There would have been a time when it would have held me back from putting myself out there. 

I’ve gone the full spectrum of weight and I still get worried about my age and my bad skin, but I can honestly say that my ability to present myself on camera is nothing to do with my skin or my clothes size. It’s all about how confident I feel inside. 

Getting that confidence to put yourself front and centre is frightening, but it’s also incredibly liberating! Being truly YOU is so powerful, and that is the unique and wonderful selling point of your brand and business. 

I’ve interviewed some of the most photographed and talked about women on the planet from Hillary Clinton to Nicole Kidman. And I can promise you that confidence radiates down the lens – regardless of your looks or age. 


Some of the most “beautiful” women on the planet are in fact plastic, and photoshopped and surgically-enhanced, and in real life they DON’T live up to our expectations. 

You are beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Start embracing your bad skin, or the extra few pounds that you’d love to loose from your “mummy tummy”, and accept that people actually warm to someone who is REAL rather than another Hollywood creation that does not represent reality.