Why using Video for Facebook ads is so much more cost effective for your business

I talk a lot about video, and why it’s an effective way of connecting with your clients, and quickly building a relationship and trust. Click here for more.

Facebook is changing the way business page posts are viewed, Click here to find out more what the changes mean for your business.

However, there’s also a financial reason to use video for your advertising. 


Facebook WANTS you to do video because they want to be the biggest video platform on the internet, and rival YouTube. 

And they make it significantly more COST EFFECTIVE to use video than just using a photo ad. 



I asked my Facebook Ads Specialist, Sarah Beth Tomes to explain more about using video for your business.

  • Video is EVERYTHING right now. If you are not using it, you will fall behind as a business owner. There is a very big difference between my clients who use video and those who don’t. Those who do get more clients and make more money. Period.
  • Video does not always have to be super fancy and professional. In fact, I had a client who was filming on her farm and her horse licked the camera and turned it off! She was so hesitant to use the footage. But guess what? The video went viral and she gained new clients.
  • Do video on a regular basis. If you decide to start Facebook ads, video is KING when retargeting your audience. Facebook gives us the option to retarget those who watched any length of you video. We can surmise that anyone watching 50%-100% of your video is interested in your brand. Imagine how awesome it would be to put your latest offer in front of people who are already engaged with you!
  • If you record a Live in your Facebook group, be sure to cross-post it on your Fan Page (and vice versa).
  • If you run your video as a paid ad, it DIRT CHEAP. I have never seen a video cost more than $0.03 cents per click (and it’s usually UNDER $0.01 cents!!!).


Sarah Beth Tomes founder of Tomes Social Media and she is a Blueprint Certified / Digital Marketer Certified Facebook Ads Specialist: https://www.facebook.com/tomessocialmedia/



Why using Video for Facebook ads is so much more cost effective for your business