How the next 20 minutes could change your life. Why you just need 20 minutes to do most of the things you want to achieve

The next 20 minutes could change your life. You just need 20 minutes to do most of the things you want to achieve.

We all have a spare 20 minutes to build our business… we could skip TV, we could get up earlier, or we could get someone to mind the little one while we start dreaming, stop overwhelming, and start doing.

I’m sitting on the tube and I have 20 minutes to do the two-fingered tango and type a blog post on my phone…

This post is about grabbing minutes when you can. I used to think I didn’t have enough time to create my own business… But that was just a story I told myself. It went something like this: “I’m busy, I have a family, I need to sort the laundry, the house needs sorting, and I’m on maternity leave…”

And then I realised I have these pockets of time that I did have. Those moments when I would have secretly watched the Kardashians (ssshh don’t tell my husband), or read the gossip on the Daily Mail app.

All it takes is 20 minutes to hop on Facebook Live, to write that blog post or send an email interacting.

I can’t help but admire Kim Kardashian. She has worked her booty off to create content, entertain, and hustle her way to 94 million instagram followers and a multi-million dollar brand, while still being a mum.

Two years ago, I coached a client who wanted to write a book but said they didn’t have the time because of work and family commitments.

We worked through their schedule, and set aside time to write early in the morning, and they realised they could write for 2 hours a day while they commuted to work.

Fast forward two years – they have just forwarded me the front cover design for their soon-to-be-PUBLISHED book! How exciting is this?! 

Creating a business is about grit and gumption. It’s about carving out time to do something, build something, create something. It’s about taking action, moving forward, and JUST BLOODY DOING IT!