3 Ways to feel confident and overcome social anxiety!

Tips to enjoy putting yourself out there in networking, public speaking and social situations

Many of us go to a social situation or event, and feel small and insignificant. There are ways to feel more confident in social situations, and gain control of your emotions so that you can actually begin to enjoy the networking event or social situation. 

I’m an introvert, and I used to struggle at social gatherings (especially family dinners and parties). While I may appear to be bubbly and brimming with joy on the outside, I’m actually a torrent of nerves, and self-doubts.

I’ve always said I’m happy to organise the party, and then I’d rather hide in the kitchen and do the washing up.

But sadly in our business, you can’t HIDE. You have to SHOW UP.


You can learn to be confident 

Confidence isn’t just for the reserve of rich kids.

Confidence isn’t something that we’re born with.

Confidence is a muscle that you can develop and flex.

The more that you step out of your comfort zone, and the more that you push yourself to do the things that you fear, the bolder you become, and the more confident you feel.

If you don’t do the things you fear (the networking, the selling, the camera on camera… ) then no-one is going to do it for YOU!

Make friends with the things you fear, and put yourself out there.

In the process you’ll become more confident, and more open.

I see my clients struggling with similar issues, and while they may want to hide in the bathroom, I know that they just have to DO IT!


How to feel more confident

1. Start practicing your one sentence ELEVATOR PITCH at social events and networking. It’s a great opportunity to say who you are, and what you do. Who knows where the chat with a stranger in the queue at Starbucks or that networking event could take your business?!

2. Remember to BREATHE! When your brain has enough oxygen, you’re calmer, and better able to process your thinking without panicking that you will run out of air.

3. Do something everyday that takes you out of your COMFORT ZONE. Introduce yourself in a Facebook group, or join a new networking group. Regularly pulling back the covers of our comfortable life Рin ALL AREAS of our life Рwill help us to be less fearful in our business.

GO FOR IT! I know you will be amazing!