Why just DOING SOMETHING is so important to move forward and make that leap in your business!

So I’m at my 9am yoga class on Sunday morning, and I’m slightly hung over from a cocktail and two glasses of bubbles the night before (yep, I’m a lightweight these days). 

I have to confess I’m completely exhausted from utter sleep deprivation from little one and his 4.45am wake up calls even on a Sunday after date night, and in the middle of my yoga class, I think I just stopped caring… and pushing… and trying… 

I’ve been trying to do a headstand without being near a wall for YEARS! 

This morning, I embraced the F*ck it Philosophy and said ” JUST BL**DY DO IT!” 

And in that moment, I went up and did my headstand without even thinking about it.

I didn’t wobble, and I didn’t over think it. I just did it, and it was perfect, and there I was, in the middle of the room, standing on my head. I was in flow. 

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 15 years and I’ve NEVER EVER EVER been able to stand on my head in the middle of the room without falling over and always needed the comfort of the wall for reassurance. 


I’ve always been a pusher and a striver. I’m not the smartest, I’m not the cleverest, and I’m not someone that isn’t successful without graft. I learned early in life that I had to work hard for EVERYTHING, and that’s what I did if I didn’t want to fail. 

How often do we just push, push, push…. go, go, go… do, do, do.

How many times do I hear people say to “let go” and will come… I had no idea what “letting go” meant. 

It was a great entrepreneurial lesson for us all too… and I know that my clients all resonate with the feeling that we need to deliver by yesterday. I see so many of my clients pushing to reach that five figure month, exhausting themselves to get to the next level.   

Letting go in an entrepreneurial sense doesn’t mean “stop caring”. 

It means stopping the small stuff that won’t grow your business. It means saying “See Ya!” to micromanaging everything! 

And it means embracing the “F*ck it Philosophy”!

How can you just flow in your business? 

1) Every week, make sure you know what your key aims and ambitions are for the week, and focus on those. Achieve those targets and focus on the big goals, and don’t get caught up in the small things that won’t grow your business. 

Download my Balance in Your Business guide and ask yourself what two things you want to achieve this week. 

2) Give yourself room to breathe and meditate. When you meditate you’re calmer, more creative, and you’re better able to focus on what’s important. 

3) Ease up on yourself and your business. Are you expecting so much of yourself and your business? 

4) Are you enjoying your entrepreneurial journey rather than just focusing on the targets? 

5) Are you overthinking things? Sometimes we have to just say… JUST BLOODY DO IT!