work doesn't work anymore... Why flexible working should work for everyone

Work doesn’t work anymore, and flexible living is the way forward.

Gone are the days when 9-5 actually meant anything… 7am-7pm is often the norm…

The old way of working doesn’t work for mums anymore. Commuting crazy hours, racing to nursery and home again. 

I had lunch with an old colleague last week who told me that she missed her daughter’s first steps, and first words because she was working so much… She’s now on maternity leave again, and has quit and is now working out what to do next. 

We want to be the best mum that we can possibly be, and also be inspired, fulfilled and satisfied with our work. I know they told us that we women can’t “have it all”, but actually we can… we just have to be prepared to work at funny hours, and we have to do it because we love it!

I’ve written a post for the Honest Mum blog about just this topic. I’d love you to have a read and let me know your thoughts. 


1) AIRBNB: We bought a flat at auction and turned into into an Airbnb holiday rentals. I quickly became a “super host” and manage the marketing, and communication with guests. It enabled me to spend all the time I wanted with my son, and still earn as much money as I would have working two days a week in my old job.

2) HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER: Inspired by “Homes Under the Hammer”, I persuaded my husband and we bought freezing, damp wreck at auction and lovingly restored. We’ve just finished renovating it and the value has increased by over £200,000 – waaaaaay more than I would have earned being in my previous job.

3) AMAZON: Amazon does the marketing, trading, warehouse and distribution for you… I decided to give it a shot, and created a small scale business jewellery business. It’s not my full time work but I know women making six figure salaries selling on Amazon. 

4) COACHING: This is my passion! It’s a wonderful way to make an impact in the world, and be creative, passionate, and inspire others!

5) BLOGGING: It’s a wonderful way to connect with other mums and blog about your passions, and who knows… your passion can become the next Zoella for mums.