Living the laptop lifestyle enables you to have adventures and travel, work and explore. Adventures aren’t just for your 20s or retirement…

Part of the reason that I love being an entrepreneur, is that it means that I can fit my work around my life, and get to discover the wonderful world we live in.


As I type this, I’m off on a road-trip adventure with my boys. I love seeing new places, and exploring.

Yesterday we were in Amsterdam, and today we’re off to Brugges. This is the great thing about being mobile, and flexible. I still work, and I’m still growing a business, but I’m also LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST! 

Travel was such a big part of my old career, and when I stopped travelling and became a mama, I missed that spirit of adventure.

Now I’m so lucky, I don’t have to choose between adventures with my family, and my work.

I’m typing this as my little one sleeps, and I fit my business around my family. Seeing the world through a little one’s eyes is such an honour and a joy.

Going back to my career in TV news wasn’t an option for me – the bonkers hours, and the travel to crazy countries and the soul-LESS hotels. Now I get to choose where I travel, and how I work, and the flexibility is so rewarding – and the hotels have definitely had an upgrade 😉


Setting up your own business isn’t always roses, but you know what, it’s soooo much better than dealing with the constant struggle to squeeze your family into your working agenda that no longer reflects your life, or defines your dreams.

I successfully run a coaching company, a 7-figure property company, manage 6 Airbnb properties, and I definitely understand it’s all about priorities and stategies.

Start mapping out your dreams, and start putting your priorities first!