Are you in business or BUSY-ness? 

I remember feeling like “it’s not working”, and I didn’t know how to make it right. 

I was so busy, but I wasn’t actually making sales or making that leap forward. 
And now I see my clients in the same situation. They desperately want to build and grow, and yet they feel like they’re stuck on repeat…. And the same sad song is playing over and over. 

You’ve been doing the same thing for weeks, or months… your husband is starting to get cold feet about your “business” and wondering when you’re going to bring in some money. You’d love to say it was a business, but you aren’t bringing in the revenue that you imagined, or hitting the goals that you wrote for yourself. You feel embarrassed talking about it with your friends and family. 



I encourage my clients to go back to basics, and really look at their business from the inside out.

  • What more could YOU be doing to attract more clients, and grow a following?
  • Is there better ways for you to connect, and be authentic with your clients? 


Together we look at how you can connect more effectively with your clients. What do you need to be doing more of? 

Very often it’s getting visible…. talking on camera, writing social media posts, and showing up. 

I don’t mean just posting something and that’s it… I mean really making a connection and talking to your clients. 

Very quickly we can pinpoint how you can make that connection, and where you need to work more effectively to get clients and earn more revenue. 



One of the best ways to do this is through Facebook lives. You can connect, talk and engage and it’s quick! It’s waaay quicker than writing a blog post, and it gets more engagement. 
I started using Facebook live to grow my business and connect with my audience. At first it’s nerve-wracking to go live, but then I started using the knowledge and skills that I gained working in television and radio for 20 years, and applied it to Facebook lives. 
I began to think about framing, and lighting, and how to connect with my audience effectively. My lives began to get real numbers… Some of my lives have 100k views.


What’s the thing that scares you about going live? What puts you off talking on camera, and selling yourself? Tell me what makes you fearful about Facebook Live or Instagram live, and I’ll be sure to include ways to tackle your issues in the course… drop me a line and we’ll get you confident on camera before you know it!  

“GO LIVE AND THRIVE” is specifically for female entrepreneurs that want to grow their business through Facebook lives. 
Why am I an expert in Facebook lives? I’ve worked in front of, and behind the camera in TV news for the past 15 years – and I want to share my knowledge with you. I can show you how to connect with your ideal client, and talk their language, so you can build a successful business and scale quickly!

Imagine your conversations with your family and friends about your thriving business… And imagine avoiding those awful conversations with your husband about money…