9 Ways that I Create Passive Income.

How often have you heard someone say…

“When I win the lottery, I’ll….

Whatever your dream, you can achieve it when you stop trading time for money and create a life you love.

Passive income has transformed my life, and it’s given me the freedom to earn money flexibly…

I don’t care about flashy designer labels and fancy cars…

But I care about living a life filled with purpose and meaning, and having time for those I love.

9 Ways that I CREATE Passive Income
9 Ways that I CREATE Passive Income


I don’t live a millionaire lifestyle, but I DO have time to be a full-time carer for my son.

And I can go to therapy appointments for him, volunteer at his school and be there for school pick-ups and drop-offs.

I do run daily and swim most days and have time for me….

And I have mini-adventures so I get my travel fix.

What’s the kind of life that you would like to live?

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