Millionaire marketing – the marketing strategies of billionaire companies, and how you can steal the strategies to help your business scale.

People like stories that go wrong, and people that fail, and triumph despite it all. 

It’s movie time

Millionaires have learned to turn their stories into Hollywood scripts and take us along for the journey.

What are the ingredients for a Hollywood Movie?

Yes, there’s usually a happy ending, but the journey is struggle, sacrifice, and tears…

Throw in a heartthrob, some stirring music, and a struggle, and simmer gently.  


The Gandy Brothers have an inspiring real-life story that is worthy of Hollywood.

They were orphaned in the 2004 Asian Tsunami and they set up their social enterprise as a way to build a business and give back.

When I walked past their shop in Camden, I had no idea who they were, and what they did.

When the shop fitters were in doing up the store, I assumed it was just another clothing store.

The following week I returned, and I saw this book cleverly poking out of backpacks around the store.

Their strapline is: “inspired by travel and fuelled by giving back.”

As someone who loves to travel, and give back, it immediately made me want to go and check out the brand and buy from them – even though it’s a millennial menswear store and not the usual stomping ground for a 40-something mama.

They talked of being orphans in the Asian Tsunami, and this inspired their passion to travel and give back.

And before long I was buying a backpack.

Just because I read their story.

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I used to interview a lot of millionaires while I worked as a news editor in China.

Yes, there are over one MILLION millionaires in the country! 

The most popular features were always the insider stories of millionaire marketing detailing how the rich got rich, and their personal stories.

The most downloaded episode was how billionaire Jack Ma (owner of Alibaba) made his millions.

Share yours behind the scenes secrets of millionaire marketing. Instagram and Instagram stories work really well for behind the scenes kind of stories.

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Richard Branson did this very successfully with his cheeky, saucy brand that wasn’t perfect, but always went the extra mile.

“Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealised, perfected image of themselves. As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character and no public trust.”  Richard Branson

You don’t have to be perfect… in fact, the more vulnerable you are, the more that people will like you.

I’m not talking about constant tears on Facebook Lives, but be open, and discuss the things that go wrong with your business with your millionaire marketing.


When Jeff Bezos set up Amazon, he knew that it wasn’t just a book company, it was a website that sold a lifestyle. 20 years on, we buy almost everything on Amazon.

But even though he’s one of the biggest companies on the planet, he is still innovating whether it’s using drones or Amazon Fresh.

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When he first started out, the use of affiliate marketing on Amazon was revolutionary. It enabled it to be the go-to place for millions of products, and ensured that it was the first place that we thought of shopping.

What stories can you tell about you and your business?

How can you connect on a human level?

When you start sharing YOU – warts and all – you’ll connect much more authentically with your customers and they’ll forgive the things that go wrong, and reward you for the things that go right.


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