What is Storytelling? How to get people to care about your business

How to get people to care about your business

It is through good storytelling that the most successful stories make us CARE.

Storytelling connects at a very human level.

It could be intellectually or aesthetically… we just have to care.

How often do you switch through TV channels and flick through countless channels hoping to find something to watch, and then suddenly you find something that appeals?

The storytelling and narrative hooks you in, and you find yourself caring.


How can you ensure your audience cares through your storytelling? 

    Choose stories that are RELATABLE.

    Understand your audience and who they are. 

    What does your audience need to HEAR from you? 

    Get inspiration from good storytellers

    What stories do they tell that make us care? 

    Test out your story to your friends, family. See what

    the reaction they have to the story.



Stories is basically a connection at a deeper level to show that our lives have meaning. When we connect at a deeper level because of good storytelling, we start to care about a person or a character in a story.

Think about the John Lewis advert for Moz the Monster.

We fall in love with a monster under the bed, and we care.

When I first watched the ad with my son (he’s 2 and I’m 42) we both cried! We both fell in love with the monster and my son wanted to watch this on repeat.


What is Storytelling Lucy Griffiths with son

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms, and we have been telling stories and hearing stories since we were little.

The best stories are full of creativity, interesting words, and twists and familiarities that amuse and entertain. 

Storytelling transcends class and culture. They cross continents, and time zones, and leap forward and backward in time.

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They deepen our understanding of human beings, and they enable us to connect at a deeper level.

Storytelling begins with one goal in mind… The beginning, the middle and the end.

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