How to be an expert and be regarded as an expert in your field

How to be an expert requires knowledge and study. It also requires a magic ingredient… belief in yourself. 

Lots of people who claim to be “experts” and don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

But the majority of us are often our own biggest stumbling block to set ourselves up as an expert. We think that we’re not good enough, knowledgeable enough, experienced enough, smart enough, or thin enough to possibly contemplate being an expert. 

How to be an Expert and stand out

What’s holding you back?

All too often you can “stand in our own way” and hold you back from being the person – or expert – that you so want to be. Gay Hendricks in the Big Leap talks about the “upper limit,” and how you stop yourself from moving from the comfort zone to our “zone of genius.”

Just for today, I want you to push past your feelings of unworthiness, and self-doubt, and just go with me.

Imagine yourself as an expert: on stage, on the sofa, on the TV show, on the phone to your clients.

Remember that perception is reality. All of those experts didn’t feel like an expert, but they started to be perceived as an expert. 

I’m going to give you 3 top tips on how to be an expert.


Start positioning yourself as an expert in your writing on your blog posts and videos on YouTube.

Write a blog post, and back it up with a video on YouTube.

Tell people how to do things, and make things, and show them the best way to do something….

Start vlogging and blogging and seeing viewed as an expert. Write “how to” posts… tell us how to create a sales funnel, or manifest a new life, or build a million dollar business.  

Focus on topics that your clients want to know about, and plan what you want to say.

Give useful information, and impart your wisdom and knowledge freely. 

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How to be an expert and be visible


Go into Facebook groups, or LinkedIn discussions, and every time someone posts something that reflects your field of expertise then comment on it, and try to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE.

Be generous with your time and your knowledge.

Very soon people will regard you as an expert on a particular subject, and tag you in posts, and share your content.

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Imagine the scene… a journalist is told by their editor to find an “expert” to go with a particular interview for a story for either a TV news bulletin or newspaper story. They’re rushing and they’re on deadline. They do a quick Google, and they type in “expert in…” looking for a someone that has authority and credibility in a particular subject. 

How to be an expert
How to be an expert and get asked to on blogs and podcasts

There is NO REASON that you cannot be an expert in your given subject. You just need to ensure that you are sharing your knowledge and learning and expertise. 

Ensure that you’re using the correct keywords for SEO on Google, and on YouTube. Start strategically standing out online in niche topics so that you can set yourself up as an expert.


It’s not just about “believing” you can do it, it’s also about cleverly planning out each blog post to maximise your reach. 

HOW TO BE AN EXPERT and regarded as an expert