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There’s always a why it’s not the right time to start a YouTube channel.


To start a Youtube channel is time-consuming, and takes a while to get going, but you know what?

You can seriously scale your business in 12 months when you start a YouTube channel. Also, video attracts thousands of new followers. In a year of running my YouTube channel, I’ve had over 2000 subscribers, and over 50,000 views.

So yes, it’s work to create video content, but you’re attracting thousands of people to your list for FREE.

When is a Good Time to Start a Youtube Channel


Remember that you have to “pay to play” on Facebook and Instagram, and organic reach is dropping.

YouTube is one of the few platforms where you can still achieve organic reach. Even if it takes you a year or two to get leverage, you can begin building your audience.

As Gary Vee says, very soon, we all won’t be able to afford Facebook ads because the big corporates will be using the platform to advertise their services.

So what’s stopping you?!

Grab my tips below 👇👇👇




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One of the secrets to making great videos is to ensure that your video content is repurposed in different ways… 



Here are 5 ways to scale your video content to maximise your revenue when you start a Youtube channel.

When is a Good Time to Start a Youtube Channel


1. Map out your funnel:


Buy some huge pieces of art paper that are about 3m x1m and map out your funnel. When you see it on such a big scale, it’s easier to work out what you need to do, and what’ missing. It was only when I did this, I realised how much of my funnel was missing, and how many more videos that I needed to create! 


2. Create Sales Videos:

Sales videos are different from the usual Facebook Lives and YouTube videos but they can significantly increase your profits. Why? Because people buy from people, and when they see you on camera, they feel they can get to know you. In fact, they are 5 x more likely to buy from you when they watch a video about your product or service.


3. Be Strategic

Rather than approaching everything in a scattergun approach.

Get strategic about what you want to achieve, and how you can make your content work for you in more places.

There is no reason that your blog from 2 years ago can’t be repurposed.

Or create a blog post, a video for YouTube and then turn into social media posts and videos for other platforms.


4. Get planning! 

Map out your content and what you want to say… There is no reason that you can’t start working 3 months ahead so you’re ready for the busy times, and can enjoy the holidays with your family without stressing about work.

When is a Good Time to Start a Youtube Channel


5. Being Ahead of the Curve: 

I spent the day mapping out my content for the next two months.

I’ve got 12 blog posts and 15 YouTube videos in the bag.

There is nothing more satisfying than being ahead of the curve.

If you want help with planning and mapping out content, then just drop me a line. 


Follow this checklist when you create a video and start a Youtube channel: 

  1. Shared with your list on email
  2. Facebook posts
  3. Edited into a mini video for Instagram
  4. Created Instagram Stories promoting it
  5. Shared in a LinkedIn blog post…


Don’t forget to leverage your videos and start a Youtube channel!

Ensure all your hard work is seen and heard in as many places as possible!


When is a Good Time to Start a Youtube Channel
When is a Good Time to Start a Youtube Channel
When is a Good Time to Start a Youtube Channel
When is a Good Time to Start a Youtube Channel