How to handle the office bully and threatening behaviour

How do you appear confident and in control when in an intimidating situation, or how you handle the office bully?

Bullying behaviour sadly doesn’t stop when we leave school, so how can we learn to manage it?

Setting firm boundaries can help you to manage the office bully whether it’s a boss, or just the nasty girl in the sales department.

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The Harvey Weinstein allegations in Hollywood has thrown a rather unpleasant look at intimidation and sexual abuse in the workplace. 

If something doesn’t feel right (e.g. you don’t like the vibe that someone is giving you) trust your instincts. YOU KNOW WHAT DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT.

Trust your instincts around the office bully, and if you feel uncomfortable – TELL SOMEONE!

Office bullying is not acceptable. You don’t have to put up with unacceptable behaviour of an office bully. If someone is making you miserable, you don’t HAVE TO STAY in the job. You can find another one, and you will be happier. 


Trust your instincts and handle the office bully

The working world can be a minefield of egos, and people that we wouldn’t normally choose to associate with like an office bully. Spending 40+ hours with someone that makes us feel uncomfortable or uneasy is tricky, particularly when they’re the boss!


Now I’m all for you being your own boss, and escaping the 9-5. But when you’re stuck in a job. It can be very stressful if you can’t leave for financial reasons.

To add, even stressful if your boss – or that person – is making your life a misery and is an office bully.

If you have to spend time with the office bully alone. Try and see if you can get someone to go with you to an event or conference.

How to Handle the Office Bully

I once had to go and cover a conference with my sleazy TV boss and I consider an office bully, who had a penchant for bringing prostitutes to the office. And would bring his “friend” on stories when we were away in the field. It was incredibly difficult to work when your boss was distracted by his “friend”. I complained about his behaviour, and he was eventually fired. Unfortunately, he was the popular guy because he bought everyone drinks, so I was loathed.

He made my life very uncomfortable for about a year, and I was desperate to quit. I spiraled into depression and ate tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream to compensate for my unhappiness. And struggled with binge-eating issues because of the office bully. I was living in Bangkok by myself, and was desperately unhappy. I eventually moved to China. 

How to Handle the Office Bully


However, this period of intense unhappiness is the reason that I discovered authors like Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle.

They taught me to think differently and address many of the issues that I had from childhood bullying and how to handle the office bully.


It was on this personal development journey that I learned about healthy eating and yoga. 



Office Politics

Remember that BULLYING is NOT ACCEPTABLE in the workplace, and you don’t have to put up with the office bully.

How to Handle the Office Bully

Speaking with a calm confidence and looking them directly in the eye can be very intimidating for the office bully. Very often the bully is using you to claim some power that they are missing from somewhere in their life. 


Unless we LEARN to voice our unease in a situation and stand up for ourselves. No one is going to stand up for us from the office bully. 

What parameters can you set for your boss or the person who intimidates you or is an office bully? 

How to Handle the Office Bully

It took me a long time to learn how to stand up for myself, but these are a few tips that I’ve learned. 

  • Stand tall
  • Your body language matters – have your shoulders back.
  • Look the office bully in the eye
  • Smile, it can disarm the office bully.
  • Remember to breathe. 
  • You can choose how you react to the situation. You can choose to be intimidated by the office bully. Or you can choose to find a different way of seeing the situation. It’s hard to do this when you’re in the midst of the moment. So practice keeping calm and breathing deeply (see my post on body language). 

For more on this, check out my next post which is all about CONFIDENCE, and how to APPEAR CONFIDENT WHEN YOU’RE INTIMIDATED.

How to Handle the Office Bully


Practice talking to your imaginary boss in the mirror, and start standing up to the office bully. The more you talk to the mirror, the more you will start to feel comfortable standing your ground.

Say “no” for the small things first of all… No to coffee, or ice-cream before you say no to your boss or office bully.


What’s your strategies for dealing with the office bully? Please leave your thoughts and comments below 🙂

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How to Handle the Office Bully